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Seafood Dinner @ Nang Nual, Pattaya

Back with more updates because I have a little more free time this week! So I had a short getaway to Pattaya about three months back and I managed to find three good eats there! The first would be buffet breakfast at Casa Pascal, the second is this seafood dinner and the third is my upcoming post on probably the best kebab I've ever tasted!!

One thing about Pattaya is that it's hard to find street vendors. I don't want to make sweeping accusations la, but based on my experience it was so hard to find street vendors other than those selling orange juice. Talking about orange juice, Kave recommended me to try Thai's orange juice because she said it was really good and cheap. One bottle cost 20 Baht I think and while it was very fresh, it wasn't our typical orange so it has this kelat aftertaste. Their orange look more of a lime species:

With the unimpressed orange juice seller LOL

Ok, back to the seafood dinner story. We reached Pattaya beach are around 7pm (Thai time) which was about 8pm (Malaysia time). Was super duper hungry and was hoping to eat something authentically Thai. Walked all the way to Walking Street, a famous tourist attraction, expecting to find street vendors like those in Bangkok but don't have! Found a few food trucks but those look like they cater more to locals i.e. the Thai people working there. 

Oh! Now I remember why we walked to Walking Street! I wanted to find this seafood restaurant called "Marine Seafood" which had rather good reviews on Trip Advisor. However, the review did wrote that it was quite difficult to locate Marine Seafood because it's tucked between alleys. With a rather whiny travel mate and a very hollow stomach, I just couldn't comb through each alley to find it so we settled for another seafood restaurant on Waking Street.

Nang Nual
Walking Street, Pattaya

This is Nang Nual on Walking street. It's situated further down the road towards the pier. Very bright and clean restaurant that you wouldn't miss!

If I've not mistaken, this place serves Chinese style Thai cuisine. So of course you can find Thai food like tom yam and what not here but the cooking style is very Chinese. Once you walked into the restaurant you will be greeted with all kinds of seafood!! I think you can pick and choose the seafood that you would like to have because I've seen people choosing fishes and what not then instructing the waiters how they want it cooked. 

I didn't go through all that hassle though because it's not like I'm a pro in seafood also LOL So I left it in the hands of the restaurant people. Some pictures:

Mr Crabby still trying to escape to no avail.

Mr Lobster. Not a big fan of lobster meat because I feel like it's texture is in between a crab and a prawn so the in between texture confuses my brain. It's a bit mushy also so by far I haven't found a cooking style that brings out the loveliness of the lobster meat.

Prawns are more of my thing and the prawns here were pretty huge! It was quite big till I didn't know if they were big prawns or baby lobsters if not for the labels:S

Fishes and vegetables.

The waiters there weren't the friendliest bunch so we had to make our way to the seating area ourselves. Initially was very unsure if we should actually pick the seafood first or what? No one told us anything so I just followed the crowd LOL On the way to the dining area, I noticed this wine shop! I think you can select your wine to go with dinner! Not so much of an alcohol person so I gave it a pass.

Wine shop. Quite impressive because so bright and attracting!

This is Nang Nual's seating area!!!! It's by the beach! I don't know why but I was so surprised that it was this pretty!! Probably was just expecting to get my stomach filled before going back to the hotel. But yes, it was very beautiful and quite romantic I would say.

After standing there for like 5 minutes like a goon, finally a kind waitress asked how many of us were there and showed us to a table. The theme of this restaurant is marine I think because you see everything is blue and white and the waiter were dressed in those sailor uniform! So cool!!

There, the waitress in sailor clothes. Very facinated with the overall theme and deco. It's pretty simple but just really really beautiful.

View I had when it got darker

This was their menu. Very simple and clean in design, I like!

We agreed that we should have a Tom Yum soup so we chose seafood tom yam! I think this was about 250 Baht. I lost the receipt so I can't be certain. Total bill was about 1,000+ Baht
 (Approximately RM100) for all three dishes, rice and drinks.

The tom yum didn't taste like what we usually have here in Malaysia probably because they use a lot of dry chilli and it didn't taste as sour. The seafood was fresh and they were very generous with it. Despite the soup looking rather clear, it was SPICY! We ate up all the ingrediants but didn't manage to finish up the soup. I think we probably had 1/4 of it then too spicy to go on with all the mucus flowing HAHAHA

I was rather autocratic on having a fish in whole because I usually don't get to eat it. Good thing Nit was agreeable to order a huge ass fish too if not I'd probably be eating it on my own anyway lol. 

We ordered this spicy steam fish and it was the star of the day! Gravy was heavenly! So flavourful, spicy with a tint of sweetness coming through.The fish was super fresh with very thick meat. Forgot what type of fish this was. Normally I will have problem ordering a fish in whole because I don't know the name of the fish I want. When doing groceries, I'd pick out the fish based on its look but I never knew their name HAHA Surprisingly I manage to name the fish that I want then, which I have now forgotten:S

Don't underestimate this mix vege dish because it was our LIFE SAVER from both of the spicy food!! The tom yam was like dragon breath spicy and the steamed fish was spicy but sedap so die die also we drank every drop of steam fish gravy then faster eat vege to counter the spiciness. The fish itself isn't that spicy but probably because it came hot so it accentuated the spiciness. 

My coconut shake! Nothing beats Klebang's coconut shake though. Malaysia Boleh!

Leaving you with a few more pictures of my dinner because I've got to go prepare dinner already before the cows come home! Oh yes, Nang Nual serves Western meals like fish and chips and what not too! I saw people having Western like so sedap onlyyy! But didn't regret our orders though because it was pretty good! The table next to us, a couple dating (hehe) ordered this flaming dessert which looked very impressive.

You can try if you make your way there someday! Got to go for now, happy weekend!

Big fish, big yums!

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