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Kartika Sari, Bandung

Funny, it's been 4 months and I have not completed my food blog based on my food trip in Bandung. There's just too many things to write about that I end up feeling lazy:S 

FYI, Starbucks Christmas drinks are out!!! And that means that my favourite Toffee Nut Frap is back for savouring! Just had my first Toffee Nut Latte of the year yesterday, so yummy! I still remembered bidding farewell to the drink last year (More like in January this year actually).

So some good things are always there to stay! Same goes for this bakery in Bandung that you must must visit! I heard and have seen people buying cakes in bulks to bring it back to their country! 

When I'm talking bulks, I mean like 10 cakes packed in those brown parcel boxes for shipping, nicely sealed and all. Think of that but like double or triple the amount:O

Kartika Sari
Jl. IR H Juanda 85
Tel: 2509500

Kartika Sari counter where there are super efficient


More snacks

Snacks snacks snacks

When I first entered the bakery I was stunned because there was simply too many varieties of confectionery to buy back home as souvenir!! It was my last day there in Bandung so I only had limited money to spend after keeping aside some spare cash at the airport later.

Those three pics above picturing the snacks being offered there at Kartika Sari is just the tip of the ice berg. Wait till you check out their selection of cakes e.g. Kek Kukus (Steamed Cakes), layered cakes and brownies!!!!

Top row: Swiss rolls. Second row: Layered cakes (Kek Lapis). Third row: Brownies

Closer shot of the cake price. Each for about RM26
My buy: Brownies Chocolate Chip, IDR98,000

As you can see besides the above mentioned cakes they also had bite sized pastries like fruit tarts, croissants etc and... more cakes!!!! They also sell cakes in sliced in case you want to maybe try them first before purchasing 10 over boxes:S

Macarons too!

Whole cakes also!!!

Long tart? LOL That's how they described it

I didn't bother trying before buying because I trusted Gaya hehe I just followed her recomendation and true enough they were all yummy! My favourite is the Brownies Kukus Pisang!! Good quality chocolate brownies with banana that wasn't too sweet. I found that the brownies that I bought was on the sweeter side.

Banana brownies!
Brownies Kukus Banana, IDR35,000 (Apprx. RM10)

Also... Candy bar!

Customer's First Choice *thumbs up

Me outside Kartika Sari with my stash!

Cookies Kartika Sari IDR35,000 | Pisang Sale Keju IDR22,000

So I came back to Malaysia and quickly store all my brownies properly in the fridge because I've read blogs that their cake/ brownies got mouldy when they reached home. I check and found that mine were all in very good condition. So I was happy.

The famous Pisang Sale Keju was not as good as I expected. There were lots of hoo-haa over this snack but I didn't find it crispy enough, instead it was very chewy. It also had this bad oil smell after a while though the expire date is long ahead. The plus point, it's banana! So you can snack without feeling too guilty LOL

Snacking back in Malaysia: Chocolate Chip Brownies (left), Cheese Brownies (right)

The ranks according to my favourite: #1 Brownies Kukus Pisang #2 Cheese Brownies #3 Chocolate Chip Brownies

The chocolate chip brownies was a little too dry for my liking but it still had that good quality chocolate taste, lots of chips, no scrooging in chocolate quality or quantity.

Brownies Special Keju IDR 50,000

But... A few days later when I wanted to slice up my Steamed Banana Brownies, guess what I saw?


Nooooooo... The cotton looking moulds so disgusting!! I was pretty upset because I liked this the most out of my other purchases. So what I did? I sliced off the top mouldy part and continue eating the rest of the brownies that weren't tainted, teehee.

So if you're buying back brownies as souvenirs maybe you shouldn't buy too many of the steamed ones because they are prone to get mouldy real fast. The baked ones are okay, actually I still have a few slice of them in my fridge now:X

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