Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dal Komm Coffee, Damansara Uptown

It's Christmas eve! Somehow Christmas becomes less exciting these days if compared to when we were kids. Last time it was fun receiving gifts and what not! Of course, it's still fun now to receive gifts but I'd know what I'll be receiving these days so that minus the fun a tad bit :P

For the past 2 years, it has become a norm for me to have Mexican food for Christmas eve dinner! But since I'm back in JB, I wouldn't get my mexican food. Gah! But Reb will be whipping up some Christmas bakes so that I can't wait!

So Reb came up to KL for a few days before we came back down to our hometown. My sister is very Korean so we would usually go for Korean food hunt. This time, lucky her! This new cafe just opened!!

Dal.Komm Coffee 
Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Uptown

Dal.Komm Coffee

I love the food court at Uptown so the other day when I was having dinner there I passed Dal.Komm. Someone told me that the name sounded very weird, like it had some Indian ring to it? LOL My sisters both said that "Dal" sounded very Korean but what's "Komm"? Hmm.

Dal Komm is situated a row behind The Pie Shop, right at a corner.

Entrance to the shop

I like the button that we will have to press for the glass door to slide open! They have it at Sukiya, Uptown also. Very korean/ japanese-y LOL

Interior of Dal.Komm

Counter where you place your order

Selection of cakes and signature toast.

I'm assuming that the displays are their signature because there were much more on the menu. The toast and the bingsu on the counter are fake of course but they do look very real and pretty! At least it gives you an idea of what you are about to order. Very helpful especially if this is your first time trying bingsu and have no idea what to expect.

Fake bingsu on display

The right most one- Grapefruit bingsu- is their most popular bingsu!

Since it's thei most popular, signature bingsu (shaved ice) so we initially decided on that flavour till the cashier told us that it would be sour and bitter and sweet all at the same time. Once we heard "sour" and "bitter" we decided to go for the Apple Crumble bingsu instead XD

Reb placing order

This is very much self service so you would need to decide on what you would like to have then place an order at the counter, foot the bill and wait for your orders to be ready. They will hand you this buzzer like the ones used in Taiwanese dessert shops so you will know when your food are ready for collection.

Order here

Buzzer to indicate that the food/ drinks are ready for collection at the counter

Apple Crumble bingsu, RM15

Our orders we ready within 5 minutes and we were all very excited to see our bingsu because it looks so pretty!! All nicely layered with shaved ice and crumbs! Our bingsu was topped with vanilla ice- cream and whipped cream with a drizzle of apple sauce, noms!

I really like this Apple Crumble bingsu because it wasn't too sweet. The last time I had bingsu at Cafe Bene, the red bean was super sweet till it feels like there was insufficient shaved ice proportion. But thus Apple Crumble bingsu is for the win!

At first, I thought that it would be weird to eat ice and crumbs together but wala! It tasted good! 

Strawberry Honey Toast, RM16

We also ordered the Strawberry Honey Toast and yes, as expected it came looking very pretty too! The strawberries aren't the sweet type though so thank God for the honey drizzled on the toast. Somehow sour strawberries and sorbet is a little too much to handle together- even for a person like me who prefers slightly sourish stuff compared to all sweet.

Naomi requested me to cut up the toast for us so I obliged. Just as my knife was on the toast, the toast broke up to several pieces. Oh, so it's already been cut up for me HAHAHA

Nicely cut into nine pieces

All you have to do is grab and... noms!!

I find the toast rather over priced so definately not coming back for their toast. Speaking about toast, I'll be blogging about this famous Roti Benggali from Penang who is now operating in PJ!! That's like 1/3 of the price of this Strawberry Honey toast. Obviously they wouldn't have strawberries and sorbet on top but good old school kaya butter is wayyyyy yummier (and cheaper!) in my honest opinion.

And if someone really wants Strawberry Honey toast, it's easy to replicate it at home! So yeah, no pricey toast for me anytime soon. 

But as for Apple Crumble bingsu? YES PLEASE!!

Leaving you with a picture of my sis being all- so- grown- up ordering stuff at Dal.Komm!

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