Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Buffet Breakfast @ Casa Pascal, Pattaya

Hello readers I'm back! Sorry took a while to find time to scribble something on my food blog. I went to Pattaya for a short trip w my BFF about 3 months back and I was all eager to come back and write about this breakfast place because I find that it's super cheap and quite yums! But you know, as soon as I got back I was meeting deadlines after deadlines- I was crazy enough to go off for a short holiday in the midst of chaos :S

Anyway, by hook or crook I'm writing about this place! A little background story of my trip, this is my first time to Pattaya. Why Pattaya? It's because my BFF only has 3D2N off yet she wanted to go for a budget holiday overseas. This was when AirAsia just open up a new route to Pattaya so we bought the tickets for cheap! I think it was not more than RM200.

There was nothing much in Pattaya but the things there were quite cheap. I was surprised that my tour package to Koh Larn, an island 45 mins away only cost me about 300 Baht if I've not mistaken! I also noticed that the hotels and restaurants in Pattaya have really cheap breakfast buffet going for approximately 150- 250 Baht!

Samae Beach, Koh Larn

I planned this trip and gosh, did was I excited for Casa Pascal on our last day! I purposely put breakfast buffet on our last day so we can go back happy and satisifed (also because I don't order in- flight meals LOL). 

Breakfast at Casa Pascal was only 225 Baht!!! Since there were only both of us so we just walk- in without reservation. The restaurant was just a 10 minutes walk from our hotel so it was very convinient as well!

From the main road of Pattaya Sai Song, there's this big sign that points you to the restaurant as Casa Pascal isn't facing the main road.

Casa Pascal Restaurant
Pattaya Sai Song (2nd road), Pattaya

Once you stand in front of that big sign at the main road, you will be able to see the restaurant!

The first thing that welcomed us was this grill outside the restaurant! Was super excited because that means they can prepare any type of eggs you want!! Initially I wasn't expecting a grill since its a 225 Baht buffet but boy, was I wrong!

The waitress was really nice and friendly. They got us seated and off we went packing on our breakfast plate! I was sending Nit loose on her leash HAHAHHA

Cold cuts

I was selective of my meat so I didn't get to try everything. I skipped the fish too because it looked so salty haha I had a bit of the salads and it was pretty fresh! Not really a salad person in the morning so this one just ate a bit bit for the sake of trying la. 

Nit went for a few rounds so I'm sure the cold cuts were pretty good. They are also very efficient to restock once the meats on the plate were being emptied. As soon as I took this picture, the guy then took the plates into the kitchen to get it replenished but I was too lazy to take another shot of the the fully replenished platter.

Hot food!

I had A LOT of mushrooms because they seasoned it so well and also roasted it so well with butter! I think in total I had almost a whole plate of mushrooms. Of course I didn't piled it up all in a plate la, I just went back for many small servings, each time the heap increases HAHAHA

Something that I was really looking forward to was the croissants!!

Brainwashed her to attack the croissants too hehehe

I've read reviews that their bread and pastries were top notch! People actually go back to this place just because of the croissants! I was almost jumping when I saw these breads. All nicely placed in baskets (I LOVE breads in basket! Dont know why?) waiting to be cut! Yup, those were big breads and you can slice as much as you want!

Big breads, so big if spank people can die one! LOLOL

While the croissants were quite yums, those were not the best croissants that I've tasted. It was more bread-y than flaky. I love the flaky buttery ones better, like those sold at Touche, PJ.

Not too bad though, could still see those layers

Next was desserts! While I loved their passion fruit creme trifle, the others weren't as good.

Dessert stand was pretty though

Passion fruit trifle at the back was very yums! Not too sweet and that tartness from the passionfruit, ooh la la!! The bread pudding (with the swirl) was nasty. We each had one bit and that's it, nobody wanted another. The creme brulee in the transparent glass was edible but not quite enjoyable.

They also serve waffle and pancakes! These you have to order and the kitchen will whip them up for you! I went over to the bread counter and took a piece of butter, went to the dessert counter and took the maple syrup for some drizzle. Maple syrup has gotta be my favourite!!!

I was thinking what were those tiny yellow cubes floating around in that bowl of water. Since it was close to those fishes, I thought it was some kind of preserved beancurd. After curiously poking it with the tong, I realised that it was butter LOL

Spot my maple syrup!!

They also served yogurt! I'm not sure whether this is for kids because it's Disney but it was really yums! I had a few cups of yogurts because they were so good! Nit took a yogurt too but then she decided that it wasn't worth her stomach place so I help her to put it back :S

Had a lot of fruits too because you know usually when travelling who eats vege/ fruits? :P

Oh ya, remember the outdoor grill that they had? We ordered our breakfast eggs here!!! You have to go outside and tell her your order. She speaks English so she will understand you easily but don't say anything too fast or complicated la.

Lady cooking my scrambled eggs

You can choose to add in whatever you want! I had my scrambled eggs with cheese only. Not a big fan of onions and obviously NOT a big fan of tomatoes.

Look at this pretty platter! This one was Nit's! I borrow her serving to take a picture because mine didn't look very pretty- eggs and cheese, duh.

Their grilled chicken and chicken sausage was very yums!!! Nit graciously gave me on of her grilled chicken later on hehe My eggs were a little overdone, but since there was cheese I forgave her LOL By far, the only person that cooks really good scrambled eggs is my sis. Even I can't cook scrambled eggs as good as she does. Somehow mine will turn out like baby food :S

Free flow of soft drinks, fresh juice, and milk. 

Coffee and tea too! Nit found this cute hippo cup for her morning coffee! Now I know what to get her for her next birthday d! LOL

 A few more pictures of breakfast that day:

It was a really hearty breakfast. If you're in Pattaya, you should give Casa Pascal a go! Not the best buffet breakfast I've ever had but for 225 Baht, it was pretty good.

The end:)