Thursday, 19 March 2015

Al- Baik Fried Chicken @ Kota Damansara

Being fat sucks and I'd never get used to it. Ever since I was young I was a chubby baby and I never did lose the fats so I have never knew what a flat tummy looks like. So don't blame me if I caress your flat tummy because I jakun hahahha 

The lightest I've ever been was between 62- 63kg. That was when I was swimming and eating 2 spoonful of rice per day with vege till I had fainting spells, FML. Thought that the suffering was not worth it so now I'm back to 66kg with normal eating. I could probably lose it if I was exercising enough but... hehehehe.

To make things worst, I love fried chicken so since I can't be skinny, come be fat with me! JOKING!

Al- Baik Fried Chicken
Jalan PJU 5/12, Kota Damansara

This is how their shop looks like in Kota Damansara (Picture from their Facebook page)

They have been around Malaysia for quite some time already. I have a friend who is their number one fan and mentioned that Al- Baik fried chicken beats KFC/ Texas Chicken hands down! Apparently it is very famous in Arab so due to all the rave I decided to give it a shot for lunch that weekend since they newly opened a new branch closer to me. The Bukit Bintang branch is problematic when it comes to parking.

Interior of restaurant

Interior 2

The place looks very simple and... cheap LOL I mean I was expecting more because they are a franchise like KFC, McD etc so their simplicity took me by surprise. 

My friend told me that the older Bukit Bintang branch wasn't as nice as this (Gasp! Double shocked, so I don't know what to expect of the old place) but had more comfy couch. Oh ya, but they renovated the Bukit Bintang branch anyway so I assume that it's good as this one now.

Like any other fried chicken restaurants, you would need to go over to the counter and place your order; self service system. Well, half self service because the chicken will be sent to you later.

For the entire month of March 2015, they are having a 15% discount for the Kota Damansara branch!!

The price of the chicken here is slightly more expensive than KFC or Texas Chicken and I was told that I needed to order 3 pieces of chicken to be full. And so I did. You can refer the picture above for the price of my 3- pieces of chicken set meal. 

Unlike KFC or Texas Chicken, please be warned that this is NOT a fast food restaurant solely because the food ain't fast. I waited for at least 30 minutes for my food to arrive, about the same time needed to cook beef steak LOL

Set meal comes with chicken, huge bun, fries and a drink.

Don't expect your food to come organised like other fast food restaurants, I was culturally food shocked HAHAHHA Everything was just chucked into one paper on a platter. 

Something that other chicken shops don't have: Garlic sauce and Cocktail sauce.

Now I'll tell you why these were my life saver...

You see, Al- Baik fried chicken is not your typical fried chicken. Despite KFC claiming that they use 10 over spices, you wouldn't actually taste the heat from the spices. KFC's spices are mild and are there just to add flavour to the chicken.

Al- Baik chicken is fiery!! I bought the spicy version instead of the original because apparently the original wouldn't taste as flavourful as the spicy. My gosh, one bite of the chicken and my mouth was heating up! You could taste and feel the spices come to life! After finishing my first piece of chicken, my stomach was on fire LOL

And this is why you would need their garlic sauce to tone down the heatiness coming from the chicken. The garlic sauce was served cold so it was so soothing to have with the hot chicken. The only downside was that my brain couldn't brain what was going on because it tasted like kebab if you have it with garlic sauce.

"Brain thinks, this is kebab. Eyes confirm, no no this is fried chicken. Brain can't brain it."

See the spice, probably curry powder that seeped right through the bone of the chicken!! That is one skillful marinade!

Overall, it was a good but different fried chicken experience. If you like fried chicken like I do, and if you are adventurous enough you should give it a shot! 

Oh yes, and three chicken was just nice to make me full. I love it that my chicken arrived really hot and crispy (duh, I waited 30 minutes for them to fry it) and that there weren't icky fats below the skin. So when I finished my meal I was full but not that kinda oily throat wanna vomit kinda full. Surprisingly, it lasted me the whole day! Didn't feel hungry even at night, what Arabian sorcery is this?!

Happy chickening!

Friday, 13 March 2015

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Zuccotto Cake

If you read my last post about Just Want Coffee, then you would know I am trustworthy because I promised that I'd be writing about Uncle Tetsu and Uncle Tetsu this is! Just a quick post while I wait for my hair to dry and then have dinner.

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
LG, One Utama Shopping Centre

So for Naomi's birthday, I bought her Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Zuccotto cake as her birthday cake! I was suppose to buy her slices of cake from somewhere else but the plan changed last minute because I was in a hurry and it was freaking hot outside so I decided to just get her this, which ain't too bad either:)

Uncle Tetsu's Cheese Zuccotto Cake, RM21.90

It comes in three flavours: Devil's Hat (Chocolate), Angel's Hat (Original) and Cupid's Hat (Strawberry). I was supposed to buy this cake and surprise her later during lunch but she stuck to me like magnet so I couldn't proceed with the surprise plan LOL

Since she already knew, I asked her which flavour she wanted hoping that she will pick strawberry aka Cupid's Hat but... she picked Devil's Hat =.= HAHAHA

Happy birthday to her, my baby sis all grown up!

I'm probably missing her a lot since she went for this LIMA volunteering program that I had this weird dream about her yesterday. I dreamt that she was so heartbroken and that she wanted to get back with this guy so in the dream even if I'm damn pissed at the guy I contacted him on FB asking him if he still likes her and to get back with her, WTF.

Seriously weird dream.

Coming back to the Devil's Hat, this is best eaten chilled! I stupidly bought the cake before lunch but in the end, they wanted to wait till after lunch to cut the cake, in which by then we were already so full so we had to wait till we strolled the mall a little and then settled in Old Town to cut cake.

By then, the cheesecake was at room temperature and it tasted almost like... Tesco's RM5.99 cheesecake:S This Hat series cake is suppose to be dense and moist but when I had it (at room temperature) it tasted like I was eating condensed foam.

We had extra 2 slices which I bought back and stored in the refrigerator. When I had them chilled, mother of cakes! It was GOOD!! Dense and moist it was! So readers, please eat this cake chilled- You have been warned.

Definitely not a fancy cake but I'd buy it again soon!

I'll want to try the other baked cheese cake that they have! Oh yes, if you are buying the Hat series cakes you have the privillege to skip the queue! Just go to the counter and place your order. The queue is required for the other round cheesecake with Uncle Tetsu stamp.

Happy weekend! 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Just Want Coffee @ Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru

Hello again!

If I counted correctly it's Chap Goh Mei tomorrow! That marks the end of the Chinese New Year and so we can all throw our leftover oranges into the lake to find for suitors, joking LOL! Um.. Actually, it's still a practise to throw oranges these days:S

As I was complaining to my close ones of how productive I can be half a month and how unproductive I can be in the other half of the month. Well, now I'm in the unproductive half so I'm here wasting time churning out blog post instead of doing proper work :X

All I want to do is stash a dozen of donuts and a one whole cake to munch on in bed, in my comfy aircon room. But I'm too lazy to go get my donuts and cakes. I'm also saving up cash so I'm only left with leftover Chinese New Year snacks, bed and aircon. Doesn't sound too bad either.

In better times...

Just Want Coffee
23 Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, JB

The only time when I splurge on treats like these is when I'm out with my friends. More so when I'm back in my hometown where I have some friends and we want to catch up on our hectic life. The good thing of me being in KL is that I have nobody except my sister, my bestie and Mr Sunshine so I get to save money by not going out for teatime, HAHAHA.

Coffee making machine

Just Want Cafe has been around for a while now, it's not a new place but it sure is a hot place for people to hang out! Continues stream of people checking in to that cafe always made me wonder whats so special about it? 

Since I'm not a big fan of coffee, somehow I never got the chance to visit that cafe which is obviously famous for their coffee. Till that day when the coffee addict, Simren suggested Just Want. 

PS: I love this Coffee addict and I miss her missing our CNY outing!

Waffle Machine

Good that they serve waffles because waffles are my favourite! Simren recommended the waffles (or did she?) so we decided to try some! Here, a picture of the waffles menu so you can have a look and decide on which... or whether the waffles interest you enough for you to pay Just Want a visit:

Waffles Menu

No doubt the waffles are a little pricey but it was okay because we shared it among three of us so each only forked out about RM5. We chose the Butter Caramel waffle because it was the lightest waffle flavour of them all. Uh huh, we came for teatime right after heavy lunch at Tampoi Laksa Shangrila.

Butter Caramel Waffle, RM12.90

Waffles were really good!! Freshly made so it was hot and fluffy! Only if they gave us more butter but the good thing is that they have us good Emborg butter. Caramel sauce was superb! I'm very much a caramel toffee kinda person so this was an instant hit for me! Look, they even drizzled more caramel sauce on our vanilla ice- cream, YUMS!

No idea what's the tiny blot of whip cream suppose to be doing there?

Simren doing the honours because she said I was too slow in spreading the butter and caramel for everyone's piece LOL

And that's how we ate it, Noms!

Iced chocolate if I've not mistaken. It was very very chocolately, I thought my throat would get sore after finishing it. In the end, couldn't finish it because it was too sweet and chocolately for my liking.

Simren's hazelnut latte (if I remembered correctly) and Wawa's pretty Rose Latte! 

Surprisingly the rose latte actually tasted good and it smelt like rose! I mean, I thought we wouldn't be able to taste/smell the rose because I thought the coffee scent would be overpowering but to my amazement, it blended well so you could taste both coffee and rose :O

Coffee there are priced around RM15.

One last picture of bliss <3

Okay, going back to my leftover CNY snacks. I'll probably blog about Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake that we had for my sister's birthday next if my body allows i.e. currently it feels like it's breaking down :S