Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Milkcow Organic Soft Serve Ice- cream @ Sunway Pyramid

I don't know why I have been very restless these days. It's like I can't sit down for long to do work because I will feel bored and then grumpy. Problem is most of my work requires long hours of sitting down in a quiet room to do work =.= 

Weekday meals has also begin to seem boring and time consuming hence, somewhat burdensome. Somehow I'm losing interest in cooking cheap meals but I still do it to save money. These days I keep having cravings for outside food! Especially street food, snacks, finger food... you know all the unhealthy food? :P

I have also been craving for soft served ice- cream! The thing about ice- cream is that I love having them outside; as in buying from shop and eat but not buying them and storing them in my fridge. Even my favourite Haagen Dazs ice- cream becomes unappetizing when it's bought home in a tub for eating:S

LG, Sunway Pyramid


Okay, so this is one of the things that would definately make my day right now! The only thing that is keeping me from imploding is Mozart on Youtube. Thank God for that. 

So the other day when my aunties came up, we decided to try the rather new Milkcow ice- cream!! The Sunway Pyramid branch is the newer branch, Midvalley is slightly older. Have been waiting to try this ice- cream for the longest time ever and thanks to my aunts I got them FREE! hehe

Menu for you, you're welcome

There were so many interesing ice- creams that I didn't know which to pick? So I went with the rather popular honey comb one. Since we are all sharing the ice- cream, my aunt asked me to pick another (OMGGG! YESSS!!). 

So I looked through the menu and chose something that would excited kids i.e. my little cousins. Since their mum is footing the bill I thought it would be considerate of me to pick something that would appease their daughters/ grandkids.

Honey Comb with milky soft served ice- cream

I love the milky soft served ice- cream because of it's heavy full cream milk taste! I could actually eat it without the honey comb (Milky Way, RM8) and be satisfied! The honey comb did come as a surplus though. It was nice to have but you might want to properly mix the honey with the ice- cream while eating and not eating it by itself once you finish the ice- cream. That was what I did and holy moly! It was SWEEEEEEET.

After finishing on my honey, the honey comb taste funny like some plastic residue on my tongue so what I did was suck up all the honey, get this super sweet shock, then spit out the honey comb LOL Maybe I'd opt for the honey instead of the honey comb next time (Milky honey, RM11). Saves all the hassle. 

Honey Cube RM13, Quite a generously huge chunk of honey comb

More honey combs! Somehow I was a little skeptical about honey combs because I have this perception that bees might get stuck inside so I was quite watchful as I ate it, haha.

Ha! Guess what was the ice- cream that I picked out for sharing?

Freshly made only upon order...

Snow Drop, RM11!!!

This soft served ice- cream is served with cotton candy, organic salt and jelly beans at the bottom. Needless to say the kids were ecstatic about the cotton candy! Happy kids, happy mum. The ice- cream wasn't milky though it was just the normal vanilla kind but I like that it had a pinch of salt to it! The jelly beans were rock frozen when we got to it so it was hardly edible. 

Despite Snow Drop being prettier, I still preferred the Milky Cube! 


*Licks picture of ice- cream on laptop screen. LMAO, joking!

Gotta get them soon!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BingSu Cafe @ Uptown Damansara

A quick post before I go for dinner. Been very hungry and very tired lately, thanks to the unproductive half of the month. The last few days especially really takes the toll on me so after doing my work i.e. writing out my thesis, I would have zero energy for anything else but sleep. That explains my neglect of this blog of mine:(

Oh, today Malaysia just implemented GST! So how are things working for you? 
Keep calm and pay on

Anyway, this was about a month back when Rebecca came up and we tried a new bingsu cafe! Not very long ago, this rave for bingsu started when Cafe Bene came over from Korea if I've not mistaken. Then this Korean cafe, Dal Komm Coffee at Uptown Damansara continued the bingsu hype. 

Not long after, about a month or two ago I noticed another new bingsu cafe in Uptown Damansara!

BingSu Cafe
SS21/35 Uptown Damansara

Outside Bingsu Cafe

Self service so you will need to place your order at the counter

The place was empty when we stepped in. We went there on a Tuesday evening around 8pm and the place was empty, well except for us and a couple that came in with us. Somehow an empty shop gives me the impression that the place serves lousy food:S

Anyway, the couple went ahead placing their orders while Reb and I stood next to the ice- cream fridge, contemplating which bingsu to get. While we were standing there, there was this worker who took out a fly beater and started smacking around!

Guess what happened next? I think she managed to smack the fly and the dead fly somehow fell into the ice- cream area. OH MY GOSH. My mouth dropped wide open when I saw her laughing it off while cheekily telling her friend.

Wanted to exit right away but didn't want to disappoint Reb who came all the way from JB, so I just hoped that our bingsu wouldn't be contaminated:S

Placed order and was given a buzzer to notify when our orders are ready for pick up.

I was so hard deciding what to get because firstly I was rather turn off by what I saw prior to ordering. Secondly, the prices were rather expensive if compared to Dal Komm. Somehow the likely choices were prices too high, around RM18?

I didn't want to pay that much for a likely contaminated dessert so I went with the cheaper range bingsu. I think it was about RM15.90.

Mango Cheese Bingsu, RM15.90 if I've not mistaken.

The first thing I said to Reb was...

"OMG, is that the ice- cream from the ice- cream fridge that a dead fly just landed in???"

Reb was so chill and answered, "Ya la" HAHAHHA

Despite all that hoo-haa, I actually liked Bingsu Cafe's bingsu! The ice was shredded really finely and it was alternated with layers of cheese powder inside! The mangoes were very sweet and fresh so that deserved a thumbs up! Overall, it wasn't too sweet so it went well with my palate.

The cheesecake was a little too frozen though and it has this rather cheesy rotten smell. Not too sure if it's because its the type of cheese that they use for the cake (certain cheese does smell rotten) or because it was getting stale. 

Reb still prefered Dal Komm's bingsu but I think this place is worth the try if you have extra cash to spend and if you can't take overly sweet things like me. 

Easily missed signboard, at least for me HAHA