Friday, 31 October 2014

Yu Char Kuey @ SS2 Morning Market

Finally it's 31 October! Been waiting for this month to pass since it first started :S October hasn't been very kind to me. My favourite ah kong (grandpa) passed away last week so yeah, that wraps up my October. 

I'm hoping that November would be kinder to me! Also good news is that I've finally received my August and September salary. Of course, half of that goes to my rent and monthly expenses so I'm left with half just enough to buy the iPhone 6 Plus (need parents to top up some I think) LOL

Also, good news is that I've fulfilled my Yu Char Kuey cravings!! I've posted on FB asking people where can I find yummy Yu Char Kuey and all I gotten in response was "likes", no suggestions whatsoever. 

But! I've found my not too bad, actually quite decent Yu Char Kuey at SS2 pasar pagi!

Yu Char Kuey @ SS2 Morning Market
SS2/60 (Next to food court)

Yu Char Kuey Stall

The Yu Char Kuey Stall is right at the entrance of the morning market so you wouldn't miss it! There are two stalls selling Yu Char Kuey here but I've always opted for this lady's one because everyone buys it from her. The other stall looks like they lack in customer, so their yu char kuey usually sits idle on the rack looking sad. 

Aunty frying dough

Their Yu Char Kuey runs out very fast and the aunty will consistently fry out new batches so you would usually get hot hot Yu Char Kuey!

My mum always complains that their Yu Char Kuey looks dark though as in slightly burned but then I don't find them charred also? Take a look at the pictures below, where got dark? LOL 

Or maybe I was too excited looking at them that I selectively was blinded to the flaws of my cravings :P

Many types of Yu Char Kueh for sale. All hot hot one!

RM0.80 each piece for ANY type!

This was taken after 5 minutes, fresh new yu char kuey!!! Love that they keep replenishing their stock!

My favourite is the one with sesame! Second favourite is the Yu Tiao (The long ones stuck together). I love the salty Ham Jin Peng (round ones), she mentioned that it was Cinnamon, yums! I haven't tried the sweet Ham Jin Peng because I always get the salty ones.

See the ones with pulut in the centre of the dough? Holy cow, that's super delicious as well!! Best is to eat these Yu Char Kuey when they are pipping hot and crispy. When they cool down, the crispiness will be lost:( But still yummy la!

Good customer service

See this aunty 'kiap-ing' my Yu Char Kuey? I like her very much because she speaks English to me, lolol. Most of the other sellers would insist in speaking Cantonese only. I'm handicapped in Mandarin, what more Cantonese, so when the aunty realised that she quickly switched language to accommodate her customer! 

Hot and Crispy 

Soy bean next stall

Right next to this Yu Char Kuey stall is a Soybean stall! His soybean is very fresh and cheap so I like it a lot! It isn't too sweet as well so I don't feel that guilty in addition to eating deep fried stuff for breakfast LOL

He sells, hot/ cold soybean drink and Tau Huay (People here call it Taufufa) in both white syrup and brown syrup.

The only downfall is that his service is so slowwwww. He talks a lot of crap that his customers in line always ignores his crap while waiting for their orders. Not that I understand his crap anyway, since he was mumbling off in Cantonese.

My buy: Sesame Yu Char Kuey, Yu Tiao, Salty Ham Jin Peng

Hot Soybean RM1.20 (small)

Life's a breeze, when cravings are satisfied:)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Weng Kee Ais Kacang, PJ Old Town

Today is yet another public holiday because it's Deepavali Day!!! Yes, another reason to love my country is for our abundance of festivals hence the abundance of holiday to keep everyone happy. Of course, you would still see some infamous grumpy ones on the media:X

So the other day, I was helping my sis to move house for the second time. It wasn't as crazy as it was the other time (where we had to carry stuff out from hostel, up to my place for temp storage, down again to move it up to her new place).

But nevertheless, it was tiring. And hot. And so I itched like some red scratchy baboon.

On the flip side, my sis treated me to some Ais Kacang! Yums! 

It's quite difficult to hunt for authentic ais kacang these days. By authentic I mean red beans, corn and maybe peanuts topped with shaved ice drizzled with syrup and milk. Anything over the top would be less authentic.

 I heard of this Ais Kacang aka ABC place at PJ Old Town Market that is rather authentic so I decided to try it out!

Weng Kee Ais Kacang
Stall #46, PJ Old Town Market Food Court 
(Next to Bus Station)

Weng Kee shop

When I was googling about this ais kacang, it's odd that I have never come across a picture of the stall. Yes, there were many pictures of the ais kacang but how would I know which stall to look for right? So there you go, a picture of Weng Kee stall. 

Oh, yes you could identify a stall/ shop by it's name (obviously) but I find that it always help to know the shop's colour/ signboard/ deco. Helps in locating the shop/stall quicker.

Entrance to market food court

If you are scouting for this place, it is best that you find this entrance because once you enter, turn right and you will see Weng Kee stall a few stalls away. Easy. But if you're entering from the other entrance (the one nearer to the wet market) then you might need to walk further in to find Weng Kee.

View from entrance

I took a shot from the closer entrance that I used so it's easier for people to find this entrance LOL I find it very convenient, I parked right outside the entrance somemore! So you will see the junction from the 'correct' entrance. Bus station and Public Bank is visible.

Ais Kacang RM2.80

The ais kacang was very pleasant especially on a hot day. Really like it that the ice is shaved very finely! It's a very basic ais kacang of which makes it very authentic like how all ais kacang used to be till people started over doing it.

The serving is just nice for a person. If you're intending to share, I would advise otherwise because it is quite small. Like the size of a tiny soup bowl, not rice bowl.

Below the ice

There you have it, simple refreshing dessert! I still prefer the ais kacang at Kayu's though even if it's expensive (RM5 I think) because the ones there are drizzled with red syrup that has this very yummy rose fragrant! 

But, this one at Weng Kee would still do:)

One more shot of Weng Kee ais kacang

Chicken rice from a shop few stalls away

Chicken rice has really yummy sauce!!! Salty and nice, best with cucumber hehe Quite cheap, RM4 for really meaty chicken!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Boat Noodle, Jaya One PJ

I was putting my groceries to their respective place and was folding my plastic bags (I usually fold them into a triangle for easy storage). Then I thought of what my sister told me the other day about me being rather brilliant to come up with such DIY ideas.

Well, actually I have to thank my Girl's Guide teacher for that initially flag folding technique. Yeah, the one that hated me to her guts since I refused to attend one camping back in form 3. 

The funny thing about learning though is that even if I was probably an ungrateful- lost- cause- rubbish in her eyes (since she had other 'better' candidates who has more potential being Queen's Guide or whatever they call it), I still applied her Girl's Guide teaching till today.

So I thought this was an important lesson of life, particularly for teachers. Just because you have a student who "doesn't seem to have the potential", that does not mean that they are not learning. In fact, they might be learning and applying it more than you think!

And that is why whenever I see "goner" students in my class, I would quickly brush that horrible thought off and tell myself that they are equally good, in different manners that is.

Now, what made me rant so much about learning? That's because I'm blogging about Boat Noodle at The School LOL

Boat Noodle
The School, Jaya One

Boat at the entrance of Boat Noodle

Street signboard looking deco

I think the address is really real because after all it originated from Thailand right? So that must be their original shop address. Probably at the floating market because it's call boat noodles, so I'm assuming that they sell noodles on the boat at the floating market.

Talking about Thailand, I've been very interested lately to fulfill my dream to visit Bangkok. Been reading lots of blogs about people's shopping haul to torture myself more LOL Okay la, not torture but to motivate myself more. 

But then I noticed that most clothes there should be free size and their free size look like something that I cannot fit into :X But I still want to go! *stubborn

A shot from the outside




Wooden table

I love the idea of having things how they originally are, so in this instance they are trying to recreate the down to earth kinda of dining atmosphere. This reminded me very much of Warung Telaga in Bandung.  

Additional sauces

No idea what sauce is this because there were only Thai language

I thought that it was a fantastic idea to use all sauces exactly like the ones used in Thailand! And because of this effort of theirs, their noodles really tastes very authentic Thai. Not that I've been to the real Boat Noodle shop in Thailand, but it just speaks authentic Thai when you slurp down those noodles.

Drink of the day- Longan RM3.90

For drinks, because we were scrooging (as usual), we decided to share a drink. On the menu, they have the drink of the day. No where did it mention what so I asked the waiter and he told me it was Longan drink that day. Both of us agreed giving it a shot.

It tasted not too bad, like slightly diluted longan drink LOL They could do better though or the price charged. Btw, all drinks are ranged around RM4 unless you get their mineral water for RM2+ I think.

Ordering sheet

The process of ordering is:
     #1 Look at menu- Menu is an old white sheet of paper stained with other people's noodle gravy LOL
     #2 Write down the food/ drink code into your order sheet
     #3 Wait for your meal to arrive
     #4 Pay at the counter

Beef Rice Noodles RM1.90 each

Chicken Rice Noodles RM1.90 each

Our Orders

What each of us had was: 
  • Pathumthani Beef Thai Rice Noodles
  • Pathumthani Chicken Thai Rice Noodles
  • Ayutthaya Beef Thai Rice Noodles
  • Ayutthaya Chicken Thai Rice Noodles
If you're wondering what is the difference between Pathumthani and Ayutthaya:
  • Pathumthani : Clear soup broth,sourish spicy
  • Ayutthaya: Creamy spicy broth

Almost finishing my share of noodles

In my opinion, the beef and the chicken noodles are of no difference. The only thing that is different is the meat slices that comes with the noodles. Since they (meat and noodles) are cooked separately, the beef/ chicken taste does isn't recognizable in the noodle's broth.

I preferred the Pathumthani because it tasted acceptable. My acceptable means, my taste bad could condone the foreign taste. Actually the Pathumthani tasted rather similar to our Kuey Chap, just that it has heavier spices. Authentically Thai taste.

The Ayatthaya was... smelly. I mean to me it was smelly la. It had this very strong coconut oil smell that I really couldn't take. I made me feel like I was slurping down someone's hair that was marinated with coconut oil as their hair mask:S

Struggling to finish the Ayatthaya

She had a different expression before I whip out my camera! She as frowning and cringing all at the same time, so funny to see her forcing herself on the Ayattaya but when I took her picture she laughed instead =.=


Our Boss is always Stingy!!! 

I thought it was rather witty to ask for tips that way

Must have picture when eating Boat Noodle

To stack the bowls is what people come here to do, I think. The noodles wasn't that fantastic so I thought that the hoo- haa of this place was overrated. When I wanted to try this noodles at Damansara (their first outlet), the place was packed to the brim! Had to wait for more than 1 hour for seating.

Now that I've been to their second outlet and tasted their noodles, well I think people just wanna come and stack (cheap) bowls and then instagram them :S 

So I also did the same, order noodles- stack bowls- Instagram.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Warung Talaga, Bandung

I'm so hungry now I can eat a whole cow! Been having buffet cravings lately but buffets ain't cheap so I'll just have to wait till next month for my Dim Sum buffet! Talking about buffet, I'm still thinking whether I should blog about a birthday buffet that I had earlier in March this year? Hmm.

So the last few posts about Bandung, Indonesia. This was the second last night in Bandung if I have not mistaken. Off we went to Paris Van Jawa mall again because it's the closest mall- just one angkut ride away.

I think the purpose of me going there was to buy some groceries back to Malaysia. I always have this habit visiting supermarkets the night before I depart just to stash back some snacks.

Warung Talaga
Glamour Level D-12A
Paris Van Jawa Mall, Bandung


Wall deco using olden days' biscuit tins

More deco at the counter


Notice the hawker style trolley stall and the DIY curtains at the back. So much effort put in details.

I suppose their theme is vintage? They wanted to recreate the old school laid back feeling of dining at cheap stalls. Even their tables were wrapped in a floral printed table cloth that really enhanced the old school-ness of the place. Very lovely.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Es Teh Tawar, IDR 11,000 | Sukacau IDR17,000

Those were the drinks that we ordered. Sukacau is soy bean drink with cincau, tasted better but it was decent enough. Actually I was thinking if I buy Yeo's soy bean and Cincau and then mix it together it would prolly taste better:|

Nasi Tutung Spesial, IDR37,000

This was either Gaya's or Darshini's dinner. Nasi Tutung sounds very cute LOL What you will get for about RM11 is steam rice, fried chicken (thigh), tempeh, keropok and sambal. The chicken thigh looks ridiculously small but the all the chickens there are about that size!

Gaya mentioned that those chicken are real chicken. Real chicken as in chickens that run free and are not injected with any antibiotic. So without the synthetic hormones, they grow up retaining their original size and not turned out to be some hulk- chicken.

Sneak peak of rice

I just noticed that it isn't just normal steam white rice if not they would have called it Nasi Putih instead of Nasi Tutug right? I googled and it says that this steam rice is cooked with oncom (fermented soybean, very much like tempeh).

Bebek Goreng IDR30,500

I wasn't feeling so hungry that night so I decided to get duck for dinner without rice. I was a bit scared of rice by that time because I had rice for each and every meal except the first night where we had the most delicious BBQ Chicken with Cheese Dips!

Ughhh! Craving for Richeese's BBQ Chicken. Why don't they set up a franchise in Malaysia? Good food are meant to be shared no? lol

Btw, notice the plate that the duck is served in. So old school, I like!

One more shot of duck

Since this small piece of duck cost me abut RM9 so I have to post one more picture of it haha It tasted okay, not to bad but I have better braised duck back here in Malaysia. Actually, one of my ah kong's signature dish is braised duck! 

Now my mum has inherited the cooking skills for that dish. The only problem of passing down the recipe is that... there is no recipe. It's all based on taste and tell. It's no wonder I never cook according to exact measurements but would be able to recreate the dish anytime, it runs in the family LOL

Batagor IDR21,000

I also ordered Batagor because the duck obviously wasn't enough. Batagor is one of the dish that I have been dying to try but the only problem is that I can't have roadside stall food because Gaya say that my tummy wouldn't be used to it. 

Finally got my Batagor here! Very yummy, I like it lots lots lots!! Tofu and tempeh and fishcakes battered and deep fried dipped in chili kicap sauce. MAD LOVES!

Gaya said that if this was fantastic for me, I'd go crazy if I taste the roadside stall's one because apparently there are 100x tastier than the one that I just had :O

One more shot of Batagor because I love you so so much, teehee

Tahu Samosa, IDR 17,500

Also ordered Tahu Samosa but this wasn't to my liking. The fillings were tofu bits and vege but it tasted too bland and the skin of the samosa was too thick for my liking. Good thing Gaya helped me finish it off.

Even if its about RM5 only but it's still money, its still food okay? If you see how kids on the street risking their lives jumping on and off the angkut just to get IDR2000 (about RM0.60) by playing music, you wouldn't want to waste even 1cm of your yucky samosa.

Bandung really humbled me.

Samosa filling

The end! I'm going to make some homemade potato wedges to go with my nuggets for dinner tonight! A bit lazy, but I've got this whole bag of potatoes! :D

On the side note, I kind of envy my friends who got a chance at studying overseas. Like for Kave she got go drink barrels of super fresh milk and Gaya, the amount of yummy and cheap food that she got to eat for 5 years! Holy cow!

But then again, I'm thankful for what I have and so I'll travel more to make up for the uneaten food. Does that even make sense? haha