Friday, 22 August 2014

The Harvest, Bandung

This is the post that I've been waiting for!! Been wanting to write this post first but decided to go by chronology (Well, I skipped lunch place because I'm still looking for the lost receipt).

Bandung is a place that amaze me even till now when I'm writing about it. Thanks to Gaya, she brought me to one of the prettiest looking bakery I've ever seen! Really classy looking, rather big and it had a variety of desserts!

If there is a pastry shop like this here in Malaysia I would expect a donut to cost at least RM5. But, Bandung can really shock you- in a good way I mean.

The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier 
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda, Dago, Bandung

Initially I wasn't expecting much of the shops (i.e. restaurants/ cafe/ bakery) because there were lots of less fortunate people there so I was very, very surprise when I arrived at Harvest. The entrance looks like an entrance to a 5- star hotel maybe!

Gaya was very excited to bring me to Harvest, I couldn't really understand why till I arrived LOL They had stairs leading up to the main store! It's no wonder that she was excited, I was at awe. And mind you, this was merely at the entrance.

Harvest entrance

Have a look at their interior, very pretty place! This place is awesome for tai tai (rich, usually older women) to hang out with her rich buddies lolol But of course, it works well for us (students/ tourist) too! 

View from my seat

Interior deco


I probably need not say much about the variety of pasties and chocolates they offer. I'm letting the pictures speak for themselves:

A variety of cakes (whole and slice)

More cakes, cupcakes, mini cake slice and 3D cakes at the bottom right

Chocolates (small ones that goes by weight and larger ones like the heart shaped ones) and macaroons 

Closer shot of macaroons

More chocolates- truffles and what not

Chocolate bar

Ice- cream


Pastries and take- away gifts/ souvenirs

More souvenirs like cookies in cans etc. Rather pricey though, about RM90 and above.

Crazy right! I think I was gawking at the choice that I had there!

If I had the tummy space and more sweet tooth I would have bought one of everything that is displayed because their price is still considered reasonable. Their cakes (slice) were around the price range of Secret Recipe here in Malaysia (i.e. RM7- 10).

Despite that, we had lunch before coming to Harvest, so the food wasn't fully settled yet and I only had limited tummy space. Throughout my trip, my lovely host Gaya ensured that I actually maximised my time and tummy for as much food as possible. 

So even when I said I was still full, we headed to Harvest anyway HAHA. My initial plan was for us to share a slice of cake but when I reached the shop and had this explosive view of crazy lots of desserts I just HAD to order two cakes and a drink!

Strawberry Curd IDR 25,455 (apprx. RM7.70)

When Gaya asked me to pick my cake I immediately knew that this one of my MUST HAVE! 

  1. Strawberry curd sounds like nothing too sweet, good deal.
  2. Had too much sweet food in Bandung, more than my usual preference
  3. It's strawberry! A safe choice I would say
  4. It's the new product! I love trying out new stuffs!!
  5. It has nuts as toppings too! I'm fan of nuts:D

Oh I love, love, love the strawberry cake!! Nothing too sweet that I can't handle! Very fresh strawberry flavour, nothing like some other artificial flavouring cake.

Then, we also had the red velvet cake. I can't remember if this was strongly recommended by Gaya or was it a best seller? I think either one. Or was it me who was strongly enthusiastic about getting it? LOL

Red velvet, IDR 30,000 (apprx. RM9)

The red velvet cake is a denser cake compared to my favourite light and fluffy Strawberry Curd cake. It was real rich, they didn't scrooge in the cream cheese either. 

But I'm still in favour of Secret Recipe's red velvet mostly because I love how the appricot spread goes so well with the cake!

So, usually when having desserts in Malaysia (or any meal in fact) I'd order just plain water because I've already spent on food. Desserts especially, because desserts aren't 'real' food. I consider them as luxurious add ons. To decrease the damage to my very tight monthly expenditure budget, plain water is my way to counter that off. Well, at least the guilt.


This time, I had two cakes and a non plain water drink!!!!

Cranberry Breeze, IDR 16,364 (apprx. RM4.90)

This beverage is new and if I've not mistaken it wasn't on the menu yet. However, the waiter recommended this drink and I agreed! 

I didn't even get the ingredients that he was muttering about, I was just very excited about the fact that I'm probably one of the few that got to drink something that is 'not on the menu yet'. Made me feel special, like a VVVIP, teehee.

Oh, I like the drink a lot because it's sour, HAHA! Yes, you read right it's a sour drink that goes really well with all the sweets on your plate. Balance things out much- especially if you don't really have a sweet tooth.

So if you're in Bandung, make sure you head over to Harvest! It's definitely a worthy pit shop especially after you've been shopping like mad at factory outlets. 

Take a picture, it last longer (than the cake, lol)

My noms guide!

I'm ending this post with a picture that Gaya took. She said that it might come in handy if I want to use the quote in my blog post, haha. It basically tells you why Harvest's products are high in quality and most importantly affordable!

p.s. Tax is 15%

Quote on wall

Btw, I noticed that Indonesians allow you to take as much picture as you want. No problem! But some shops in Malaysia are just too wary of cameras

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Pontian Wanton Noodles House

I was feeling really upset and frustrated after having a horrible snacking experience at Bob's Kitchen. My heart weighed a tonne for God's sake! I felt bad for two reasons: (1) I spent so much money on horrible food, that's like the world's greatest sin for me (2) I made my friend spent so much money on horrible food.

So Simren suggested that we should have a drink somewhere else to which I agreed heavy heartedly because I was still very upset you see. So we drove from Danga Utama to Sutera Utama, about 5 minutes away to this shop call  Pontian Wanton Noodles House.

Pontian Wanton Noodles House
Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4


We were suppose to just have cheap Barley drink (RM1.90) here since we spent too much on yucky food earlier. But when we saw the menu, my eyes lit up like fireworks on the 4th of July!! Immediately forgot about being upset and was sucked into the menu!

So many of my favourite desserts served at such cheap price!!!!


It took me a while to decide on what I wanted to have because if I could (and if I had not spent my money on Bob's Kitchen earlier) I would like bought like three desserts one shot! But I ended up ordering Honey Dew Sago!

Honeydew Sago, RM4.50

Honeydew was very light and reflreshing with the right amount of sweet! Love how it tasted with fruity bits to chew on and little tiny sago that pops in your mouth!

Nit ordered Lek Tau Suan (green bean sweet soup)! My favourite dessert as well!!! It comes with You Char Kuay (fried dough) too!! I tried it as yes, it's a go! Now I know where to get Lek Tau Suan when I'm craving for it already! 

Last time I had to find those You Char Kuay stalls at back alleys or pasar malam but now I can conviniently get cheap good tasting ones anytime I want!

Lek Tao Suan, RM3.30

Simren gave in and had lunch after all LOL She ordered the signature wanton noodles and it was good! I tried some of her noodles and I loved the sauce! I'm hooked to it actually! Only if they didn't serve it with pork (I'd put aside the pork if I ordered it so it's going to be a waste).

But! The lady told me that I could replace the pork with other ingredients like fish balls and what not! Quite good deal also!

Wanton noodles, RM5.30 (small)

Next time I'm there I'll try the curry noodles! Simren says it's awesome and I trust her! MUST MUST go place for breakfast, or lunch.. or heck! even dinner and supper!!!!

This made my day, happy us:

The end.

Simren tapao noodles for her mum, I think they charge extra RM0.40 for take away? Not too sure but it states RM5.70 on the receipt. Next time, I'm going to pack some for my grandparents! Yums!

Take away wanton noodles

p.s. They have an outlets in Selangor and Singapore too! I found this blog post that has full info on outlet details (Refer his last picture of post).

Bob's Kitchen, Johor Bahru

It's been a pretty hectic week but I thought that I should have some "me time" to write down my thoughts before I forget what I was suppose to be thinking LOL

So this was when I was back in my hometown, Johor Bahru for nearly two weeks. Met up with my friends and I decided to try this new place out. Simren suggested many nice places at Sutera Utama but then I wanted to try out Bob's Kitchen because my sis said that the food was rather good and I was attracted by the deco of the place.

Bob's Kitchen 
Danga Utama Commercial Centre

Bob's Kitchen entrance

See what I told ya? The entrance to the restaurant look really catchy right! Can't blame me for being attracted to this place. Love how they have their fonts in such retro style. Looks like those dressing table bulbs! 


When I was there there was this Buy 1 Free 1 promo going on. According to Naomi, it's worth the buy. She got herself and her friend two types of steak for the price of one. So that's like bang for buck. However, there is a catch to this luring promo- Everyone has to have their own main course.

Which means if you and your companions are in even numbers the deal makes sense because buy 1 main course (for yourself) free 1 main course (for your companion). But when you are there with odd number companions then the deal becomes rather redundant.

For me, there were three of us (odd numbers). Note: Everyone at the table HAS TO HAVE a main course. In order for us to do that we have to buy 2 main courses to get another 2 free. Which also means that we will have one extra portion of main.

The main course ain't cheap of course, if I've not mistaken mains starts from RM20.

Dessert menu

The desserts are not very cheap either. I didn't try their dessert so I can't comment much about it but based on their food/ drinks I was relieved that I didn't order desserts:X

Naomi recommended their chocolate lava cake, she said it was good. Usually, her food reviews are rather accurate but this time I felt like I headed the wrong blog recommendation LOL

Beverages menu

Interior, ground floor

Interior, top floor

Interior 2, top floor

Stairway up to the second floor

The initial plan was for us to meet up for lunch. But I had some home cooked food before I left home and the promo deal wasn't to our best interest as well so we just snacked there. For this I kena kao kao from Simren who was expecting everyone to actually EAT and not snack LOL

Nit and I shared the expensive mushroom tacos.

Mushroom tacos, RM14.99

I was rather dissapointed with the tacos because it tasted so cheap and bland! I think there were only a few strands of mushroom and lots of lettuce. Wait, by lots I mean more lettuce than mushroom- they should have called it lettuce tacos. As you can see from the picture above, the good thing is that their tacos are the crispy type but the downfall is that the edges are mostly burned.

Guacamole was bland, sour cream tasted okay. I just wasn't getting value for the price I paid. 

So Simren was mood out by us not EATing properly, she just ordered mushroom soup which tasted slightly diluted. The good point is that it is homemade, as in they made it from a scratch using mushrooms and cream etc but I just made mushroom soup for dinner yesterday- the Campbell soup from the can and it tasted better:(

Mushroom soup, RM7.99

Strawberry milkshake RM12.99 | Chocolate milkshake RM12.99

For drinks, I was rather excited to see milkshake on the menu! I love milkshakes so I ordered Strawberry milkshake and Nit ordered the Chocolate one. It tasted not too bad, something like frozen strawberry milk with ice blended. No thick creamy ice cream taste.

While it isn't horrible, it definately shouldn't cost us RM12.99! For that quality, I say RM8 would be more than sufficient.

So Simren wanted an alcoholic drink in the mornnig (#smirks) and I agreed to share the Irish coffee with her because it ain't cheap. Simren asked me if I knew what alcohol is used in Irish Coffee. The naive me answered: Irish cream!

Simren's reaction =.="

HAHAHHAHA It make sense what! Irish cream (liquour) in Irish coffee la. Apparently not, they used whisky?!

Irish coffee, RM17.99

The waiter who brought the coffee over teased Simren of having alcohol so early in the morning LOL. But to her defense, it wasnt't thaaaaat early, it was 12pm already hehe And, according to Simren you wouldn't notice much of the alcohol till you actually finish the drink.

It was my first Irish coffee ever! I was quite excited to try it. So I took a sip, a big one and... OMFG it burns!!!

WTF it felt like I was downing concentrated hard liquor!  What happened to "supposed to notice alcohol only after you finish the drink"? 

I think the bartender got a bit too excited and poured way too much liquor in the coffee. Nit who was sitting right across the table could smell the strong alcohol smell when Simren was gulping away. Yes, GULPING! 

Okay, perhaps a few gulps only LOL

Simren 'high' after first gulp

Since I couldn't take it after three sips, and Simren couldn't stand it after a few huge gulps we just left three quarters of Irish Coffee there. Our RM17.99 burned! Seriously, it was undrinkable! Now to think of it I should have asked them to redo the coffee.

Really wasted.

Simren, a doctor who usually drinks (hehehehe) also gave up.
So for our snacking session, guess what was the damage? RM77.65!!!!!


*horror face*

*super horror face*


I felt so really bad for recommending the place to Simren and Nit. I have ever ever made such a food blunder before! I really felt humiliated! The food and beverage was below average yet we were charged such a price! Could have nicely ate at some other cafes nearby.

But, I got to give it to the workers there (except the top floor waitress who was suppose to be on standby mode) for great service! The moment you stepped into Bob's Kitchen they will tend to you really nicely. The waiter was really friendly and crack jokes as well when serving.

So verdict, never returning but I love their exterior deco much!

My vege bestie

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, Bangsar

I've been wanting to try out Mikey's New York Pizza since they officially opened (initially they only opened for dinner) especially since everyone who went there had nothing but praise for their pizza! But then I had to postpone my visit till I actually had enough money LOL

Yes, their pizza is slightly on the pricier side and since it's a new york pizza, I reckoned I needed at least three slices of pizza to be full which would cost me about RM30+

Finally, about 2 weeks back I had my dinner at Mikey's! The queue wasn't too long. Actually there were about three groups of people in front of us but we immediately got our seats since we could settle for seats at the high chair.

The rest wanted a proper grounded table so they waited.

I would have waited too but my companions thought that high chairs are fine so I compromised:P

Mikey's Original New York Pizza
Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

Mikey's New York Pizza, Bangsar

It's partially self service. You would have to go to the counter to place your order and foot the bill. Once done, they will give you a table number... more like a table plat, that's your table number. We got "Ave B" as our table number. At first, I was puzzled when they cashier handed me this upon payment, then he explained that it's my table number.



Table plat: Ave B

Pretty cool table number I must say, good for cam whoring

While we waited for our food, I took a few pictures. Maybe just two pictures because I was on the high chair and I didn't dare to move much. So I quickly turn a little, to whatever possible angle and quickly snapped some pics with my sweaty palms.

Pizza counter with menu in chalks on top

Mirror on the wall to make the place look bigger

Interior of Mikey's

Something challenging about Mikey;s (No, not the high chair) is that they have this 911 Challenge! You would have to finish eating one whole 18" 911 Pizza within 45 minutes. The prize for the winner includes:
  •  RM500 cash!!!!
  • Free 911 pizza that you ate
  • Free drinks on that visit
  • Free cash vouchers for the next visit (I think)
  • A picture of you on the Wall of Fame and all other social media sites
  • Free tshirt
  • Bragging rights!
I was very excited about the challenge. So far I think they only got one winner for this 911 challenge. And all competitors were male! I thought it would be great to be the first female attempting the 911 challenge, and who knows win it! 

I could use that RM500! Pay off my one month rent. Or maybe get myself a pair of pretty shoes for graduation.

Anyway, I ended up not taking the challenge because someone convinced me that it's crazy to do so. But I'm still itching to give it a go. The bad thing is that if they use the same spice as that of their buffalo wings then I will not be able to take it. Not that it's spicy, but it stinks. More on that later.

So our drinks arrive  after a few minutes.

Coke and mineral water comes in the upgrade package. The New York Egg Cream, RM9 comes by itself.

This was what we ordered:
  1. Classic New York Pizza + Meatball Pizza + Upgrade 1 (Brooklyn Waffle Fries + Coke)
  2. The Tony Soprano + Upgrade 2 (Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings + Mineral Water)
  3. Pizza Bianco + New York Egg Cream

Upgrade 1 cost RM12, Upgrade 2 cost RM13.

Classic New York Pizza, RM8.88

Fairly safe pizza to have. Good crust- thin and good texture. But it tasted very normal though. Fresh but normal. Nothing to shout about.

Meatball Pizza, RM10.88

This is Mikey's favourite pizza. The thing is it tasted the same as the Classic New York Pizza, just that it has additional tiny meatball chunks on it. It's one fresh topping pizza with good crust and base, but again mediocre in taste.

After tasting these two pizza, I started to feel skeptical about all the good reviews that were raving about the pizza's in this place.

Then came my pizza,

Tony Soprano Pizza, RM15.88

The Tony Soprano Pizza is fantastic! Love the meaty toppings very generously served. I'm a big fan of peperoni and beef so it's thumbs up for me! Finally a pizza that taste more than mediocre. 

But! But... but... I have no idea why their pizza crust was so soggy. When I try holding it up in one hand, and before I could actually fold it and eat it the pizza slumps like a soggy wet diapers. Only if it had the right pizza base like the Classic NY, it would have been perfect!

But then again RM15.88 for a slice of pizza, not too sure whether it's worth it.

Pizza Bianco, RM10.88

This Pizza Bianco is the chef's favourite! It has four types of cheese on it but surprisingly it's very light to the palate. Initially I thought having this pizza would make me muak after a few bites but no, my sis could actually finish this up all by herself and still have tummy space for another slice!

She had to spread out the big chunk of cheese though.

Cheese on Pizza Bianco being spreaded out

The downfall of Pizza Bianco, the base was superrrrr hard! You gotta chew it several times before you can get it down your throat. Why must there be a downfall in their good pizza? Ughhh, I blame my high expectations of the place.

Buffalo chicken wings, RM12.88

The Buffalo Chicken Wings, ugh.. how do I put it? It has this very pungent smell and taste from both the chicken batter and the Blue Cheese dipping. At first, I thought the Blue Cheese was the culprit of the overpowering smell but no, it was the chicken itself too!

Not too sure if buffalo wings are supposed to be like this? Once you take your first bite, please take a small bite first, and inhale... the smell actually pierce you nasal cavity! Just like how Wasabi reacts!

I could only have one wing and pass the whole basket of lovely looking chicken to someone else.

Brooklyn Fries, RM12.88

My favourite dish of the day has gotta be the Brooklyn Fries!!! Mikey's pizza was rather a let down for me but at least they had awesome fried to make up for that loss. Brooklyn fries is served with melted Cheddar cheese and tasty beef gravy! A little pricey but it was worth it! 

I particularly like my fries crunchy. I like dips too. But the fries should still be crunchy at a certain extend even after it's being dipped. And that's what you'll have with the Brooklyn Fries.

So in a nutshell, Mikey's pizza are very homemade tasting but somehow it's not awesome. Sadly, this makes the pizza price relatively expensive. But, their fries rocks! Please, take my money and gimme fries! LOL

Ending with a picture of me and Tony Soprano. Notice I could only hold it up properly now for a picture after eating 85% of it.

Tony Soprano, delicious topping but sadly soggy pizza base