Monday, 17 August 2015

Roti Canai Transfer Road, Penang

I just checked my draft while feeling rather contented that I've cleared off my log but guess what? I found a few Penang food post from last year hanging around in my draft! OMG!!! Oh yes, I remember why I haven't been motivated to finish writing about this. It's because the roti canai isn't as good as it was told.

But it's also important to document yucky good on my blog so that I remember to not go there again. Also, it's good for new people patronising the shop just because they heard that its good and famous. Doubt that they will head my advice but don't say I didn't warn ya!

Talking about yucky food, I think this food blog of mine is a bit useless because people don't seem tp heed my advice one? LOL I blogged about this cafe not too long ago because I felt like it's just not worth it to go there la. Gotta wait so long for a simple breakfast meal, price of the food and drinks there not cheap but taste below average actually. But people who read my blog still very enthusiastic to go! Err.. okay.

I usually read blogs before heading over to a new cafe because my money is limited thus very precious. I don't want to be spending RM30 on teatime which sucks la because RM30 is actually way more than my weekly groceries budget!! So when I'm actually ready to spend RM30 on a meal it better be good. Hence, the blog reading.

When blogs that I read gives out negative comments, I'll be watchful already and will be hessitant to go. That's how useful food review can be for me. Of couse, I weigh the pros and cons of the place la. Sometimes what they find not good in the cafe/ restaurant isn't the most important criteria for me when I'm dining so that's okay. But if the service is bad, the food is expensive and not tasty then why the heck would I go somemore right?

But no. My food blog doesn't seem to have that kind of resonance to my readers leh. Why aa? 

Roti Canai Transfer Road

So the last trip to Penang, it was a food trip as usual. I asked for some recommendation of good food and was recommneded this roti canai at Transfer Road. Transfer Road is tucked at the end of Penang Road, behind it. It's easily accessible for me because I always stay on Chulia Street!

There are not shophouses so you gotta look for this stall!

Curry truck

Canai prep area

Roti canai with egg on top!

The roti canai was okay, tasted like average roti canai that you can find elsewhere. So I'm not surprise to see many people there for breakfast la since roti canai is a popular Malaysian breakfast. I wouldn't mind having it again, just the roti canai, for a budget breakfast but what disapoint me that much was that chicken curry at the back there.

I wanted to order only the roti canai because I don't usually order side orders with my roti. For example, I only eat naan by its own. Of course with some dips la but I don't go adding on side dishes like chicken tikka etc. I always thought that if the roti is really good then there is no need for side dishes! It's the main star of breakfast anyway!

So back to the story, the waiter asked me if I wanted chicken curry or mutton curry. I said chicken and lo and behold came one big piece of chicken drumstick with my curry. I was expecting only the kuah la because as I've said, I don't order side dishes one.

Decided to stick with the mistake because I heard their curry is a must try also! That means the chicken must be goooood right? Wrong. The curry wasn't even that tasty. Pelita has better chicken curry in my honest opinion. The thing that pisses me off is that the chicken tasted like it was just boiled and thrown into the curry before being served to me.

Tasteless chicken! It wasn't salted well, no taste of herbs and curry spices also? GRR. Nih yang orang nak marah nihh.

So yeah, if you are around the vicinity and want quick cheap breakfast then by all means order the roti canai because it was okay. Just don't order the chicken la, damn wasting! Hmm, not that you will heed my advice anyway right? Lolol

Btw, I was told that I should get the mutton instead but the chicken already tasted like that I'm not sure if I want to give it the benefit of the doubt?

Next to the roti canai stall is this roti bakar stall

Read that it's pretty good! They have half boiled eggs as well to go with the toast but I didn't manage to try because... I spent my breakfast budget on the yucky chicken:S Maybe next time.

Water Works Laksa @ Jalan Kolam Air, JB

This is the last stale post in my draft! So after this I can catch up with my latest food hunt in Kuching and Pattaya! WOOT! So I'm a proud Johorean and even if my state isn't as famous as Penang in terms of food, we still have pretty good food if you know where to find.

I bet most people have heard of Water Works Laksa at Kolam Air, JB but I decided to note this down in my blog because this place always reminds me of my grandparents, my mum's side that is. My grandparents, I call them ah kong (grandpa) and ah ma (grandma) would often patronise this place usually for breakfast and then pack back their famous laksa and otak- otak for us. My ah ma still does that till today though whenever my uncle brings her for breakfast there.

I personally find that the laksa is a little overrated though they do have really good otak- otak. But the otak- otak aren't produced in house anyway. But whenever I hear about this place, it makes my heart all fuzzy because it's has a sentimental value attached to it. I miss my ah kong;'(

So if you haven't tried it, give it a go!

Water Works Laksa
Jalan Kolam Air, JB

This is the shop that you are looking for. 

The road leading there is a one way street so if you miss it you will have to make a round back to that one way street. People usually park illegally along the roads but yeah, so far no problem from the police HAHA

I'll show you the otak- otak which I like first! I think it tasted better when we had it there at the shop. Somehow when it gets packed back home and reheated it doesn't taste as good but by no means lousy.

A basket of otak- otak placed on every table

If you're not interested in it then just don't touch it and you won't be charged. But for me, I doubt a basket is enough LOL


Another thing that I like about Water Works laksa is that they have their own in house drinks like this cincau drink! Love how natural and homemade it is. Not as sweet as other shops usually served them which is a plus because I'm not a big fan of sweet stuffs. Yes, despite my flabby body I don't have a sweet tooth. Can't say the same for carbs though. I loveeee crabs especially when it comes in the form of bread and pastries :X

Cincau drink

The famous laksa!

I think this is the small version of the laksa. If Ive not mistaken it comes in different serving portion with respective prices. A small one would cost about RM5 I think? Sorry this blog post has been sitting in drafts since a few months ago so my memory fails me.

You see the greenish garnish on the laksa? Well, that's something that I don't personally fancy because it makes gives out this weird smell and taste. Not sure what leaf is that though? Is that like turmeric leaf???

The taste of the soup infected by that garnish gives me a headache. No joke, I really don't like that garnish just like how some people really hate parsley. OMG is that parsley?!

Side dish, fried beancurd skin. DAMN expensive!

Mum ordered an extra serving of fried beancurd skin and for that few miserable hollow pieces they charge us almost the same price as a bowl of laksa! I forgot how much exactly but I remembered clearly that it was so not worth it. I think they gave us like 5- 6 pieces of beancurd skin without any fish paste inside k! So expensive and after eating them, my throat felt funny like how you would feel after eating oily stuff. 

Oh! I found a picture of the menu for your easy reference!

Okay, I got to go finish my work and then start on my Kuching and Pattaya food hunt! To whoever who's still reading this, thanks for sticking on despite my lack of update for more than a month. PhD kills seriously. 

Putu Bambu Durian @ Putu Bambu Mek, Melaka

So I noticed that Blogger has an app! This makes blogging much easier for me because Im very swamped these days and the only time that I have would be spent on bed. So this helps, I can blog from my phone when I'm resting in bed hahaha

The only problem is that I cant seem to find the words alignment option. Hold on gimme a moment to get use to this.

Nope, the app cant do. They still got a lot of fixing to do before I can properly blog there. Anyway, Im still blogging with my mobile but Im using the website view instead so thats okay.

Wanted to introduce to you this new putu bambu stall in Melaka but this was in my draft months ago so... its not so new now LOL 

But if you are a durian fan and you cant get enough of all things durian then this post is for you! You know, the durian season is coming to an end after all.

Putu Bambu Mek
Right next to Klebang Coconut Shake!

I'm back typing using my laptop because mobile blogging just can't do for me especially since I'm rather particular with spacing and font size etc. Okay, a little story about how I found this. It was that evenful day that we were in Melaka as a detour before we head back to JB. Obviously, Klebang coconut shake has become a ritual whenever we step foot in Melaka but unfortunately it was close that day! Dang.

But at least the trip to Klebang wasn't wasted because I noticed a new stall right next to it! It's right at the main road so it's easily spotted. What caught my attention was the word "Durian" LOL

This! Very catchy from the main road so you won't miss it

Prepping my orders

Despite the stall being quite clean, I dont know why were they so many flies around. Ya, I know like I'm contradicting myself but I know a clean stall when I see one. Can see that they took the effort to maintain hygiene but the flies... oh gosh, might make some think twice.

I didn't care much though because I saw my putu coming out pipping hot from the steamer and roller over clean shredded coconut so I just closed one eye about the flies buzzing around the ordering corner.

I chose a mix of durian putu (in yellow) and normal putu (in green)

Generally its easy to look for good putu in Melaka because they are, afterall, famous for their gula melaka which is an essential for this snack. The durian putu however was not up to my expectation because it smelt better than it tasted la. So basically you smell this really thick durian aroma in the air but once you put it into your mouth, you barely taste any durian.

I was actually hoping to taste little chucks of the fruit which sounds rather impractical but yeah, they could do better. Prices at RM4 if I've not recalled wrongly, it still makes a pleasant snack to have by the beach. Yes, the beach is just behind you as you place your order.