Monday, 3 November 2014

Roasted Duck @ Restoran Lapan Dua Dua 822, Johor Bahru

I was back in JB for a few days last week and before I came back to KL I managed to have lunch at my favourite roasted duck shop! I've tried many roasted duck elsewhere but nothing comes close to this shop's roasted duck!

Been patronising the shop since I was little so it's safe to say that they have had 15 over years (maybe more) of experience roasting duck! I've had posted pictures of my duck rice/ duck noodles on Instagram and Facebook before but I thought that their duck is so awesome that it deserves a place in my blog! hehe

Restoran Lapan Dua Dua 822
36 Jalan Nakhoda 1 
(Opposite TUTA market)

Shop entrance

Watch out for the yellow/red signboard and you will easily find the shop. The shop is situated right opposite the Taman Tun Aminah (TUTA)'s market so that will be your landmark. 

There is a rojak stall right outside 822 Duck Shop too, it belongs to the lady boss' sister. I've tried her rojak before and it's rather tasty- no scrimping on prawn paste so that's good! If I've not mistaken, her rojak is sold for RM5 per serving. 

Shop interior

This is a typical coffee shop so expect the expected LOL No aircon all okay? Only got ceiling fan, gotta rush for seats (but usually the seats are sufficient even when fully packed), cutlery are placed in a holder exposed just like normal coffee shop.

A beverage that I would recommend is their Sour Plum Juice! It's call "Suan Kan Suan Mei" juice. That's like the best sour plum juice ever and it's homemade! The drink is a lemon drink (I suspect they blend in some lemon skin as well) with sour plum and honey (I think)! Yums.

Not to be confused of the sour plum drink and sour plum sauce ya!

Sour Plum Sauce

One of the reasons why this roasted duck shop is THE KILLER ROASTED DUCK shop is because they have their own special sour plum sauce. Sweet and sour, and when it's dipped with your duck... Ooh La La!

I love the taste of the sour plum sauce as I chew on the the crispy duck skin (and fats)! The combination of those two are heavenly!!! Holy cow, I should of packed one whole duck back to KL that day for dinner.

If you are taking away the food, make sure you request for the sour plum sauce because if you don't they will only provide you with the brown duck sauce (for the rice) and chili sauce. I'd get all grumpy if my mum forgets to ask for the sour plum sauce LOL

Duck rice that comes with free bitter gourd soup, RM6 I think

Braised tofu and Braised Egg, RM1 per piece (not too sure of the exact price)

Salted vege, RM2 per serving (I think)

I think their salted vege's standard has dropped quite a bit. Last time, the gravy used to be more concentrated, slightly sour and spicy. The last time I had it, the gravy was rather diluted so no oomph to the vege.

Additional serving of duck

LOOK AT THE CRISPY DUCK SKIN!!!! Slightly burnt one taste super good one! OMG, feel like going back to JB just for this duck. I can taste the duck meat and skin and thin layer of fat rolling on my tongue now while I write about it. 

The duck meat doesn't have that overpowering duck smell. Mum usually asks for lean duck meat so that there will be thin layers of fats just to stimulate the entire eating experience but not too much to gross you out.

Favourite braised tofu and salted vege

Tonnes of boxes prep for take aways

One last picture of my roasted duck rice.


I cannot! 

p.s. They also serve their Roasted Duck with wanton noodles as well. Very tasty too!

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