Monday, 10 November 2014

Seong Kee Yong Tow Foo @ PJ Old Town Market Foodcourt

I was thinking how fortunate housewives are these days.

Like earlier today I woke up at 12 noon (again, LOL) and then I sluggishly dumped my clothes and my detergent (for indoor clothes drying!) in the automatic washing machine and waited for my laundry to be done. When it beeped, I took my clothes out and... googled for the weather forecast today:P

Apparently it's high chances that it will be raining today with a humidity of 74% and wind 10km/h. So I decided to hang my clothes inside (turned fan on to mimic wind speed, wtf) instead of out so I won't have to rush downstairs like a mad woman to 'save' my clothes when it rains later.

Plus! Knowing the temperature of the day helps me to estimate how early in advance I should take out the chicken for defrosting too! See, what I say about fortunate housewives!

Btw, I'm not married. Just saying LOL

(In case the readers think I'm an irresponsible sluggish housewife who wakes up super late everyday and then stay at home doing nothing till Le Mari comes home)

Though not a housewife, I definately have some housewife traits like scrooging. This trait would probably impress my future MIL :X

Seong Kee Yong Tow Foo
Stall #35, PJ Old Town Market Food Court

Orange signboard makes the spot!

Since I was planning to have my Starbucks Christmas drink: The Toffee Nut Frappacino (Grande, RM16), I thought that I should only spend about RM7 for my lunch. So I decided to drive to PJ Old Town Market Food Court. 

I googled and found that I could find yummy Yong Tau Fu here. Actually I was thinking more of Chee Cheong Fun but the lady said she don't have it anymore. So I settled for rice.

 Order chit

I was quite happy that the Yong Tau Fu seller was very friendly. I went over to her stall timidly because I couldn't see any Yong Tou Fu that I could point out to (Usually stalls display their Yong Tau Fu for self selection), I didn't see any price also so I couldn't gauge the price of my meal.

But she then quickly gave me the order chit so I was like phewww. Saved me from much awkwardness. I was so excited because I could see what to order and quickly write down the quantity of items I wanted, forgetting that I still don't know the price!

Anyway, my meal came 10 minutes later and OMG I think it's the freshest looking Yong Tau Fu I've ever seen!

 RM13.80 for 2 Brinjals, 2 White tou fu, 2 Fishballs (which I didn't order but came with anyway), 3 Fu Chok and rice.

OMG. My budget was only RM7 so lunch exceeded by RM6.80:( But then the Yong Tau Fu was really big compared to the ones that I usually have at Damansara Uptown's foodcourt! So even if she charged me RM1.50- RM2 for an item it was worth it!

See the sweet sauce (brown sauce in the picture)? That's like super yummy!!!! Best sweet sauce ever tasted:') Goes with the fried chicken as well!!

Fried Yong Tau Fu items

I really really really loved the fried Fu Chok! 

I love it because inside that very crispy soybean sheet, there's one big lump of fresh fish paste!!! So generous for this item seriously! Usually elsewhere, they would just swipe a bit of fishpaste inside just for the sake of it and charge you similar price.

Also, check out my favourite brinjal! I was soooo big that it look quite freaky to eat! LOL So worth the money spent la even if exceeded my lunch budget.

Soupy Yong Tau Fu items

The white tofu was freaking huge as well! Soft soft one with a big fat opening in the middle to stuff fish paste. Very very yummy!! The soup was flavourful but with zero MSG! Taste like homecooked soup! I loves

 Fishball was okay la, I prefer fried fishball than fishball in soup. I'm an unhealthy eater :P

See? Fish paste overflowing!

Chicken wing RM2.80

And then we ordered 4 chicken wings from the same Yong Tau Foo shop because I read rather good reviews about it. Nearly ordered 6 out of excitement but good thing I listened to my sis and ordered 4 because by the time we ate the wings, we were both so full already.

The chicken wings were really crispy and the flesh falls off easily from the bone so you will waste nothing! The batter tasted of curry powder, it's no wonder its yellowish colour. But then this obviously can't beat my favourite ayam goreng from Nasi Kandar shops!

My sis' Bak Kut Teh meal from a Tai Tai looking lady a few shops away. It weirdly came with duck meat RM16

Sugar cane RM1.50 each

So in the end, my so called cheap lunch cost about RM20!!!! That's like nearly triple of my initial budget:( But then so yummy especially the Fried Fu Chok! So I didn't get Starbucks that day and I didn't have dinner too LOL Talking about scrooging, gah!

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